We run a Hair Extension Technician business located in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire & we also provide a mobile service by coming to you if this is more convienient! The areas we cover include; Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Greater London and surrounding areas. We are happy to visit you at home, work or wherever suits you best.


We offer a free no obligation consultation to help you decide if having hair extensions is right for you. Consultation appointments usually take between 30-60 minutes. If you decide to go ahead and book in an appointment to have them fitted we will expertly colour match your hair and go through with you the different types of hair and lengths available to suit your needs. If your hair is not suitable for having extensions  then we will offer free advice and outside recomendations or referrals on to other hair replacement systems that might be able to help you!


A MIcro Ring is a tiny metal ring with a silicone ring lining the inside which is then coated with a plastic film on the outside to match the colour of the hair extension. A Nano Ring is an even smaller ring which has a metal clip attached to the hair strands holding them together instead of the hair strands being bonded together by keratin. Individual micro rings or nano rings are then applied to strands of your own hair in rows leaving an inch aroung the nape of the neck, hairline & your t-section to ensure the micro or nano rings cannot be seen. Hair can also be worn up freely or tied back without the extensions showing through, providing they are installed correctly by a trained professional.

The extension hair is clamped tightly shut inside the micro ring or nano ring along with your own hair holding it securely in place. The micro rings or nano rings come in a range of colours so they can be blended in with your own hair colour to ensure they do not show through. We only use micro rings which have a silicone inner lining to prevent the hair extensions from slipping whilst also offering a comfortable cushion to your own hair. (Please note the nano rings do not come with silicone lining due to the size)

The hair itself comes in a range of colours including dip dye / ombre, mixed colours & crazy party colours. Up to 300 individual strands are usually applied for a full head, depending on the natural thickness of your own hair we will add more or less. A full head of micro ring extensions will take usually between 2-3 hours to install in to your hair & can last a minimum of three months without a maintenance and can be worn up to a year providing you follow the aftercare instructions correctly & regular maintenance appointments.

An M-Fold or tape extensions are specifically designed for those with very thinning hair on top or small areas of bald patches as they cannot be seen as they run parallel and flat on top & underneath of your own hair. The extension strand folds around your own hair in an "M" shape sealing your hair inside by using a tape adhesive which keeps it stuck in place and attached. A pressing tool similar to pliers is used to secure the M-Folds are sealed on both sides.

The M-Folds or tape hair extensions come in a range of colours and can be offered in wavy or straight movement although they currently only come at 18" in length we can cut and blend the hair if necessary depending on the length you choose to go for.

Colours include titian red, silver and 2 or 3 colours mixed into each strand if needed to match the tones in your hair. They also have a slightly darker tone at the roots to ensure it blends 100% into your own natural hair.

A full head of M-Fold extensions will usually take around 1-2 hours to install & can last a minimum of 4 months and can be worn up to 18 months provinding you follow the aftercare instructions correctly & regular maintenance appointments .


Maintenance appointments are usually required anything between 6-12 weeks after your initial fitting (depending on the amount of hair you shed & hair growth rate).

Maitanance appointments take around 2 hours & then should be repeated every 4-8 weeks thereafter. This will involve a general tidy up of your extensions with micro rings pushing the existing rings back up towards the root of your hair and tightening them using pliers, replacing any rings if needed and getting rid of your shed hair / dead hair as some will have got trapped inside of the rings so we will comb out all of your own hair to ensure there is no matting or knotting in your own hair.

M-Folds or tape extensions have a different process as all of the extensions must be removed and re-sealed with new adhesive tape tabs. This is how the hair becomes re-usable by replacing the old tabs with new clean tabs that can then be reapplied baclk into your hair. This will also allow you a chance to wash your hair to remove any build up of residue where the M-Folds had been attached previously.

If any extensions are left over from your fitting we will use these throughout your maintanance appointments to replace older ones or to gradually add in more extensions over a period of time.

Depending on your hair growth & what type of hair you have will depend on how often you need general maintenances.


Micro rings & nano rings are removed by clamping the rings with a pair of pliers pinching the sides to squeeze the ring back open again. The ring will then simply slide down your hair with the hair extension falling out, leaving your own hair in perfectly good condition.

M-Folds and tape hair extensions simply involves dabbing the extension tabs using a resin remover to soften them & then using a metal instrument breaking open the adhesive tape sealant and combing out the hair to ensure all residue is removed.

With both methods it's important that they are removed by a professional hair extension technician to avoid any unnecessary damage to the hair. By doing it yourself or getting an unqualified person to do it for you it can cause your hair to be pulled & tugged at leading to breakage of your hair.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Can anyone wear hair extensions?

A. Your own hair must be a minimum of 4 inches long for the extensions to be attached safely and unnoticeably it can be used on all hair types from afro-caribbean wavy hair to straight european hair. If you have thinning on top or bald patches then M-Folds would be better suited for you as they lay flat & parallel to your hair, almost acting as a filler to conceal bald patches or hair loss. If neither of these methods are suitable for you then we will offer free advice and refer you to services, products or other hair replacement systems that match your needs and requirements.

Q. How long can I wear micro ring hair extensions in for?

A. We recommend you wear them for a maximum of four months providing you have had a maintenance appointment during this time. If you have not had maintenance then you should only wear them for a maximum of three months. 

Q. What does a maintenance appointment involve?

A. It involves your technician giving you a general tidy up of your extensions, pushing the existing ones back up towards the root of your hair and tightening them. A maintenance appointment is usually required 4-6 weeks after your fitting.

Q. Why can I not keep them in for longer than four months?

A. Everyone’s hair sheds naturally on a daily basis and it is common to lose up to 100 hairs a day. This combined with your natural hair growth of around ½ inch a month can cause matting at the root where the micro rings have been secured if the hair extensions are left in for too long.

Q. Will the micro ring hair extensions be noticeable?

A. Micro rings have been designed to be one of the smallest and most undetectable hair extension methods available on the market. Providing you have them fitted professionally no one should even know you’re wearing them.

Q. Can I treat the hair extensions as if it was my own hair?

A. Yes, you will need to follow the aftercare instructions to keep the hair looking at its best. But you can blow dry it, straighten it, curl it, dye it whatever you choose or do usually with your own hair.  

We only stock remy hair which means that all of the cuticles are intact keeping it healthy and undamaged. The cuticle will lock in essential moisture and protect the hair against outside elements, more importantly keeping its shine and health throughout the life of the hair extensions. You will not have matting and tangling you get from non cuticle correct hair, which can appear dull, dry and lifeless and would become brittle.