About Us

Bliss Full Hair Extension provide a unique hair extension service dedicated to ensuring that our clients hair can continue to grow naturally & healthily whilst wearing hair extensions.

Bliss Full Hair Extensions choose to provide only four types of methods of fitting hair extensions. The“Micro Ring” technique, "Nano Ring technique, "Tape-Strands" technique & "Tape in" technqiue can all be installed safely without causing damage to your own hair providing the correct procedures are followed. By following the necessary safety measures required to install, maintain & remove the extensions we can ensure your hair can be kept in it‘s natural state during and after the use of the hair extensions.

Trained & qualified to install hair extensions in six different methods, we choose only to provide the micro ring strand method, nano ring method, Tape-Strands method or tape in method to our clients hair as these techniques allow your own hair to continue to grow naturally and healthily. Why? As these are the only method that do not involve:

  • Chemicals 
  • Glue
  • Heat

We are fully insured and qualified by KM Hair Extensions in hair consultation, hair extension application, colour matching, style blending & bond removals, we can provide you with a top quality service at an affordable price. You will also receive a full break down of the costs incurred so you know exactly what you are paying for.   

Professionally applied hair extensions should never be confused with hair extensions that are applied by inexperienced or unqualified technicians or hair dressers. We only install hair extensions to the highest standard by using excellent quality hair and precision in the weighting and positioning of micro rings, these are essential elements of professionally applying micro ring hair extensions.

"Having worn hair extensions myself for over five years I know how important it is to find an experienced professional hair extension technician who you can trust and feel assured they are not going to ruin your own hair by having hair extensions put in or taken out.
Having tried over four of the methods avaliable I can safely say that whilst wearing micro rings this technique was the only method which allowed my hair to finally start regaining its length and health." (company director)